Monday, 29 April 2013

Singapore Sling! World's Longest flight - Singapore Airlines All Business Class A340-500 New York to Singapore

The world's longest flight is currently served by Singapore Airlines, between New York City and Singapore, using their ultra long-haul aircraft, A340-500. Due to weak economy and the aircraft's low fuel efficiency, The airline announced the cancellation of this route by October, 2013. So I decided to try this product before it becomes history.

To the flight...

Singapore Airline 021
New York(EWR) - Singapore (SIN)
Departure:   23:00
Arrival:        05:40 (+2)
Aircraft: A340-500
Seat: 34A

The flight departs from EWR terminal 2. Singapore Airlines uses the SAS lounge at T2; which is very small and crowd. I have the habit of taking a shower at the lounge before I board a long-hual flight, so I was extremely disappointed to learn that the lounge does not feature a SHOWER!!!

Tonight's bird

 My seat, 34A (World's widest business class seats onboard the longest flight)
 My first reaction of the seats: They are FREAKING Ridiculously WIDE!! I dont think pictures can  justify just how wide those seats are!

 Look ahead

 look left -- Windows, pre-departure champagne 

Look right -- big ass empty seats!

Inflight Entertainment System with 4 hidden components surrounding it 

WHAT IS THIS?! They really dont want you to leave these seats eh? I might as well call this home! lol

Seat control panel

Inflight entertainment control 

These lights are on both sides of the seat.

Take off time....................

Menu was distributed shortly after take off along with more champagne! 

While browsing through the menu, this "Singapore Sling" caught my eyes. This drink is dedicated to my friend, Alyson!

Inflight entertainment system was also switched on.

Time to push this and get the meal service started!!
 The meal service is off to a very creepy and disturbing start thanks to the Space Toilet Specialist, Howard Wolowitz. lol

 Anyways, back to the table:
Greek Salad with seared tuna with balsamic dressing served with garlic bread and 2010 Weinhuas Ress Rheingau Riesling
 Close up,
 The main course options include: beef fillet, braised cod, seared lamb chop and roast chicken.

As a 5-Star airline, business class passengers on Singapore Airlines can pre-choose from more than 15 meal options thru their "Book the Cook" program on their website 24 hours before departure. 

 And I chose the "Braised short ribs of beef"

I was really full after the main course, so I skipped cheese and desserts courses. Sorry guys! No dessert #foodporn today lol

I will also post pictures of the entire menu at the end of this post.

A cool fact of this flight:  
Pilots will fly via either Europe or the Pacific depending on the daily weather.
On this particular flight, we went thru Europe. Due to the strong tailwind that night, the flight was an hour ahead of schedule.

By the time meal service was done, we were flying over Atlantic Canada

Another view of the cabin.

Since this cabin was pretty empty, I decide to occupy 34D as my living/dining room

While turning 34A into my bedroom.
Privacy please!!

Bedding, blanket, and pillows! My bedroom is set. 

On the side note: Those seats only recline to a certain point, and dont actually recline into flatbeds like most business class seats.
Instead, you have to pull this handle, and flip it the other way to make the bed. I left this challenging process to the stewardess. (Singapore Airlines refuse to acknowledge them as "flight attendants") 

15+ hours to go!


Slept for more than 6 hours, and we already flew past Europe!

I moved to my dining room at this point, and ordered Fish Congee and orange juice.
Overlooking my bedroom!!

After the snack and a few reruns of the Big Bang Theory, 
I was ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing again! 

After another 2-3 hours of sleep, We were over India! 

Breakfast service started shortly after I woke up, so MORE FOOD!!

That croissant was the best I've ever had in my life! so much for airline food sucks?! 

Kway teow noodles soup with sliced beef fillet and bean sprouts

Very delicious 

Almost in Singapore!

We flew over the 10000-mile mark!!!

This flight offered onboard wifi at the price of $20 for 5mb or $30 for 10mb.
I took advantage of this service, and was about to get some live-instagraming done lol.

You can follow me on Instagram @forest0412 for more awesome travel pictures! (no shame!)

Singapore Airlines does not offer business class passengers amenity kits like most airlines. They only hand out those comfy "sock-slippers" and eye shades.

However, the essential amenities were available in the lavatories.

 L'occitane products.
 Nice razor! 

Anyways, that wraps up my trip report of the world's longest flight! I absolutely loved this experience. 
Some people might find the bed too firm for their liking, but I had no problem with it.
Those 18 hours went by in a heart beat and I was actually somewhat sad leaving the plane! Kudos to the crew for making this such an memorable flight! 

On a completely unrelated note,

Virgin America just added a new in-flight feature which allows passengers to buy drinks and cocktails to a fellow passenger! You might think this is creepy, but per the famous Sir Richard Branson, this feature will "increase your chances of deplaning with a plus one to at least 50 percent.”
For all you singles out there who wants to join the Mile High Club, or deplane with a + 1, you might want to consider flying Virgin America on your next trip!

As promised earlier, there is the entire Menu of my flight.

Thanks for reading.